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Although there are not many public gardens in ILLINOISouth, there is a hidden gem in Jasper County known for its beautiful sunflowers. Now that the unofficial summer is approaching, we are ready to enjoy the state safely. The autumn colours, the winter white eagle and the hibernating bald eagles are a paradise for nature lovers. Visitors can enjoy year-round recreational activities, including hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, camping, hiking and more, while enjoying the beauty of the Illinois State Park system and its many parks and trails.

We are surrounded by spring - blooming bulbs in bright colors at the Luthy Botanical Garden, which provides a peaceful environment to enjoy the beauty of the past season in Peoria. It delights the senses with its beautiful sunflowers, beautiful trees and beautiful plants and animals.

This natural area offers the public a unique place to experience the beauty of nature and the diversity of plants and animals. After our first trip to the Luthy Botanical Garden in Peoria, Illinois, we were inspired by the beautiful trees, plants, flowers, animals, birds and birds of a different kind.

No matter what public garden you visit, make sure you stop and smell the roses when visiting the Southland of Chicago. Don't miss your chance to visit the Streator Weber House Garden, where it feels like you are experiencing a storybook adventure.

The Klehm Arboretum and Botanic Garden in Rockford is a living museum with spectacular gardens and rare trees on an area of 155 hectares. Named by the Missouri Botanical Garden, this garden seamlessly combines landscaping with bronze sculptures by world-renowned artists. The Garden educates, stimulates, engages and engages ISU students and the general public by producing a variety of educational programs for students, faculty and staff as well as the public.

TreeHouse Wildlife Center is a non-profit organization founded in 1979 dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wildlife while promoting environmental awareness through education. TreeHouse also provides community services to southwest Illinois people who encounter injured or orphaned wildlife by providing a variety of services to them and the affected wildlife.

The refuge is located between the Mississippi and Illinois rivers and includes the floodplain habitat scattered along the confluence of the rivers. TNI owns and manages more than 2,000 hectares of protected land in the area, most of which is within the boundaries of the refuge.

Founded in 1951, the Luthy Botanical Garden covers five hectares and features a variety of themed gardens and rotating sculpture exhibits, as well as an outdoor amphitheatre. What started as a small garden at the Museum of the Grand Prairie has since expanded to over 1,000 hectares of gardens, a museum and an educational centre for children and adults.

On August 11, 1991, the Benjamin Godfrey Memorial Chapel was moved to its current location in the city of Monticello, Illinois. When Madison County opened a post office there, they called it "Monticella" because there was already a place name in central Illinois, Decatur. Instead, it was renamed the Godfrey Post Office or Monicellios, and eventually renamed Godfrey. It is located on the west side of the Mississippi at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Interstate 80.

Today it is the seat of the Monticello College Foundation and can be used for public tours by appointment. As explained on the 75th anniversary of the college, it is named in honor of Benjamin Godfrey, a pioneer of Illinois. He awarded a series of scholarships so that his daughters could have the opportunities that their fathers seemed to be denied, such as education and employment.

After amassing his third fortune, Godfrey began many philanthropic projects that benefited his community. In 1838, however, he made his greatest donation and invested in the Women's Seminary of Monticello, which existed until 1971. Founded to provide moral, intellectual and home education to young women, it opened its doors on April 11, 1838 and continued its operations until 1971, when Lewis & Clark Community College bought the land.

Baldwin Hall (1890), named after Theron Baldwin, the first Prince of Monticello, now houses an area called Grand Central. Reid Hall was also built in 1890 by William Henry Reid and originally known as the East Residence, but was renamed in honor of his wife Elizabeth Reid Reid (1855 - 1924).

Theodore Link also designed the arched gate at the front of the campus, and the gardens were designed by Robert John Gregg Allerton. The design is said to be the first national monument to be erected in memory of a woman, and one of only two in the United States.

In Illinois, he bought a stone residence built by Calvin Riley, and soon owned about 10,000 acres of land, most of which were in Godfrey Township. He continued this land speculation from 1840 until his death in 1862, owning his own private property in the city of Chicago as well as several other properties throughout the state.

More About Godfrey

More About Godfrey