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Although there are not many public gardens in ILLINOISouth, there is a hidden gem in Jasper County known for its beautiful sunflowers.

Located on the newly designated National Scenic Byway, this beautiful, 293-acre reserve is one of the most scenic areas in Illinois. It offers a variety of hiking and walking trails, as well as a number of picnic spots. The refuge is located between the Mississippi and Illinois rivers and includes the floodplain habitat along the confluence of both rivers. The area has several hiking or biking trails to explore the natural environment, and is the confluence of the Missouri Rivers. Visitors can enjoy year-round recreational activities, including bike rides to enjoy the beautiful sunflowers, scenic views, waterfalls and other natural features of this picturesque area.

In the summer months, groups can enjoy a variety of activities in the area, such as hiking, cycling, fishing, camping and other recreational activities. Located on the south side of Godfrey, just a few miles south of the park, the Laughing Dinner Theatre offers a range of entertainment options for groups looking to entertain. Groups can enjoy theater performances in the theater, with musicals, comedies, dramas, operas, comedy shows, operas, dance performances and more, to name a few. The area can also be visited in the spring and autumn months and in the winter months.

Set in a historic building, you can watch the show or stroll through the inspiring exhibitions at Jacoby Arts Center. The museum has a variety of exhibits to make the most of your experience.

Church tours are always popular with senior groups and can be organized for the St. Louis area on the Illinois side or for those on both sides of the state. For more information about the church tours and other events at the Godfrey Illinois Museum, call 618-208-1530.

The Riverwoods Trail offers a relatively short route and a typical guided tour includes eagle and wildlife viewing along the Mississippi and Illinois rivers and dinner with fried chicken. From Truman Park, this short but beautiful trail leads travelers from the lake to brooks and through lush woodlands to the river. Continue your adventure as you travel through the Godfrey Illinois Museum, St. Louis Museum of Natural History and Illinois State Museum.

The adjacent National Great Rivers Museum has also been added to complement the educational aspect of your day along the mighty Mississippi. Located on the banks of the Mississippi in Godfrey, Illinois, south of St. Louis, the museum has an extensive collection of artifacts and artefacts from the early days of agriculture in America. Visitors can help boiling cream in butter and see old butter moulds and stamps. The museum's exhibits will include a wide variety of historical artifacts as well as artifacts, photographs and other memorabilia from around the world.

In nearby Grafton, Illinois, you can hop on the Hakuna Matata River Cruise, which takes you stylishly along the Illinois and Mississippi rivers. The tour takes you on a tour with ten zip lines that cover the forests of the St. Louis area.

No matter what public garden you visit, make sure you stop and smell the roses when visiting the Southland of Chicago. The Missouri Botanical Garden's designated gardens blend seamlessly with landscaping and bronze sculptures by world-renowned artists. For a more bohemian garden visit, take a stroll through the gardens of the Chicago Botanic Garden or enjoy the artworks of Flossmoor at the FlossMoor Sculpture Gardens. Both gardens and the Illinois Museum of Natural History in St. Louis delight the senses.

Just 10 km from downtown Peoria, the Grand Prairie Museum of Natural History is the largest public garden in Illinois, encompassing over 1,000 acres of restored prairie land. What started as a small garden in the museum on the Grand Prairie has now become a full-fledged museum with over 1.5 million square feet of exhibition space and is located just a few miles south of the Illinois State Capitol in St. Louis.

Highlights include the Robert Wadlow statue erected in honour of the world's tallest man and the Lovejoy monument dedicated to the nation's first free press martyr. It houses extensive plantations and over 100 ornaments and sculptures discovered during more than 100 years of research and restoration work by museum staff and volunteers.

The St. Vincent Greenway Trail winds through the center of the city and joins the Chicago Riverfront Trail, the Illinois River Trail and the Mississippi River.

Nestled between the high limestone cliffs of the Illinois River and the Chicago Riverfront Trail, it offers a landscape once enjoyed by riverboat captains. The Goshen Trail is the oldest hiking trail in the city and a remnant of the old Goshens Road, built to provide salt to the first permanent settlers in Madison County.

The Nature Institute (TNI) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit conservation organization based in Godfrey, IL. T NI owns and manages more than 2,000 acres of protected land in the Illinois River Valley, and provides the world's largest collection of natural resources to the public. One of Effingham's hidden gems is the Natural History Museum, which houses some of the oldest and largest collections of rare plants and animals.

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